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Student Can Research at Microsoft Research

Student will research at microsoft research

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A research stay of three months at Microsoft Research facilities for training in various programs and tools is the aim to fulfill Francisco Videos Jimenez, Ph.D. candidate in computer science at the center for research in computing (CIC) the (IPN) National Polytechnic Institute.

From June 15 to September 15, 2014, the CIC student will remain in the laboratories of Microsoft Research in Redmond, Washington, where you get high-tech knowledge and a complete scheme for the implementation and marketing of the various products and developments software.

Videos Jimenez originally from the town of Alvarado, Vera Cruz, expressed satisfaction at being considered for this research stay since the choice of visitors to Microsoft research was a difficult process and required great intellectual effort to convince Researchers from the U.S. Company of my skills and knowledge acquired.

He said the request for labor stay was among the thousands who were made by other students from various countries of Latin America but due to the preparation and good success in interviews with investigators of the multinational company could be chosen with young Argentina Chile and Brazil although most accepted belongs to Asian nations.

The student told the CIC-IPN in 2013 but tried to stay left off the nomination. This year was thoroughly prepared and scored high marks with scientists Corporation Redmond, Washington.

He recalled that as a child he was encouraged by a teacher to participate in different spelling bees and math there followed a series of encounters and contests with great success, as the case of the Chemistry Olympiad, which won third place nationally in 2000 in the state of Zapatistas. It was still a high school student.

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