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Fundamental to innovation technology transfer

The knowledge and technology from universities to businesses to be transferred to social welfare, says deputy Director of Technological Development and Innovation Center for Applied Innovation in spirited Technologies (CIATEC), Luis Gabriel Rivera white Tower.

The director of the center belonging to the network of public centers of the National Council for Science and Technology said that to attain that impact scientific investigate in entrepreneurship, technology move and innovation is required. The CIATEC has programs seeking support specialists for this. The principle, explained, is to create business leaders and scientists.

From 2009 to 2014 there has been a decentralization project CIATEC. 115 patents were created, four thousand 800 jobs are preserved further that 46 percent of companies have augmented their sales by 25 percent and add to its exports, all through innovation and technology transfer to give an impression.

Transfer technology means that property rights are transferred to third parties to use and commercialize new discoveries and innovations resulting from research scientific. In the process, he added, the assignment or licensing of rights in intellectual capital is traded. To commercialize the technology, a technology assessment is made, and then a business analysis and finally a business diagram.

Unni The transfer program in the Autonomous University of Hidalgo State (UAEH), University of Applied Sciences Munster contribute Germany and the Technological Institute of Costa Rica, looking for links between universities, businesses and government through technology transfer and innovation that can give researchers in industry.

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