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The technological revolution comes to small business

The technological revolution comes to small business

Generated by the cloud and mobile devices, the technological revolution is touching the curtain micro enterprises. Due to the potential of the developers have set their sights on the famous little shop or little shops that have come to the point of sale solutions at affordable prices.

According to the National Institute of Statistics and Geography (INEGI), more than 95.2 percent of the more than five million economic units in the country are micro enterprises. Only in the Federal District there are over 375,000 such businesses. A study recently revealed that Qualcomm employees of micro-enterprises are the most used Internet to do their work. However, this productive connectivity segment remains one of the great challenges.

Edgar Animas, CEO of Sophistic which develops point of sale solutions, said the adoption of the technology is one of the barriers to the growth of micro. However, the emergence of more intuitive tools such as tablets facilitates adoption. Hence the importance of Sky Pos solutions as developed by Sophistic and Mustered Global.

These systems use mobile devices and cloud computing to improve the management and profitability of the business and allow expanding services. We are proud. We did it in order to increase by 30 percent daily sales and we have achieved. Not everything is technology, but having that information makes you start to act, “said Rodrigo Giangos, Zuni own, specializing in gourmet foods, such as hams, cheeses and coffee made the traditional way, located in Tappan store.

The employer sought a system that will allow you to control your inventory and costs and integrate other services. Before every day should speak to the store to know “how business was going,” or be present most of the day in her to have first hand information. Xuni was among the first businesses to use the Sky pos system.

It works using an iPad that sends information to an Internet portal on each of the operations that the business even offline, such as sales, billing, inventory, discounts, and more. These data disclose the customer preferences, allowing you to change and modify offers sales strategies faster. “This kind of tiny businesses that exist in one go innovating product offerings, because people get bored with what you have,” said the businessman.

Rodrigo said his three employees two of them over 50 years had no trouble handling the iPad even easier for them to perform more complex operations such as card payment or discharge inventory. The point of sale is the bank there but no longer uses it. They charge a percentage per transaction and the less do they charge more.

My customers pay cash, so for us transactions are a service, and yes it is expensive because the bench-five percent charge you more or less. Edgar added that Sky pos Animas aimed at business and shoe stores, cosmetic, gourmet shops can issue the ticket sale or post it to email client. The system uses Windows Azure and the Apple tablet at a cost of 359 pesos a month.

Expand services

Global Mustered solution is a little different. It has two screens, a CPU and a printer. The team is given on loan to the little shop in exchange for submitting the Federal Taxpayers Registry (RFC) and a minimum of transactions. Sales volume, two percent are for the developer.

The platform requires Internet access control to manage inventory and sales. It also allows to screen the customer sees offers information on the store or important messages to the community. Its portfolio of services is scalable and includes movie tickets, micro insurance and remittance receipts, as the company has partnerships with U.S. receivers.

The manager said that the platform contributes to 20 percent increase in sales of the shopkeepers. The weight of the equipment, five to six kilos, prevents it from being susceptible to theft. For card payments, Mustered negotiated with banks on behalf of their six thousand members, so the cost is distributed among them.

If the store does not have Internet, Mustered negotiated with the supplier “at a good price and in the same package. It also works with the Tax Administration Service (SAT) to include on its website a module that automatically calculate tax payments. We still do not have it but we are developing, maybe we’re releasing within three months.

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