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Developing UNAM Chemicals To Optimize Solar Cells

Developing UNAM Chemicals

Specialists of the institute of materials research of the UNAM (IIM-UNAM) develop chemical compounds that will collect energy from the sun with a transfer efficiency of close to one hundred percent energy. This phenomenon would allow the design of a new generation of photovoltaic compounds that achieve capture light in the spectral range of UV-visible light in a more optimal way in order to convert it into electricity.

Dr. Ernesto Rivera Garcia IIM-UNAM scientist explained that to achieve that goal, now synthesized a dendritic type of chemicals called in that they have ramifications as the dendrites of neurons. These compounds may be used in solar cells.

According to the explanation of Dr. Rivera Garcia dendritic compounds synthesized in the UNAM contain two chemical groups called porphyrin and pyrene interacting. “Several groups pyrene (donor) is excited and transferred all its energy to a single porphyrin group (acceptor), this happens in one of the molecules of dendritic compounds,” said university scientist.

The fact that several donor groups are excited and transfer energy to an acceptor group photoconductor causes more efficient in capturing sunlight and power generation the university researcher. Rivera Garcia noted that this physical phenomenon is known as antenna effect as the same way a conventional antenna picks up a wave and amplifies to send to various devices, molecular pyrene groups receiving antenna sunlight and transferred to another group called porphyrin.

The university researcher said in an effort to take advantage of the solar cells this physical principle, the molecules would be modified for use in these power generation technologies. For example, we can add some chemical groups such as carbazole or triphenylamine the structure of these compounds for more efficient power generation Garcia said Rivera.

The scientist of the Institute of Materials Research of UNAM added that currently opens that instance research projects that seek to apply the principle of “antenna effect” on solar cells, but now using graphene, one of the most promising materials due between multiple factors, its photoconductive properties.

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