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Cinvestav Optimizes Solar Cell System

Cinvestav Optimizes Solar Cell System

Rios Flores Student Research Center and Advanced Studies (CINVESTAV) Unit developed a process to improve the efficiency of a solar cell to achieve market would have a technological economic and environmental impact thus placing Mexico as a benchmark in the development of solar energy systems in Latin America.

According to Rios Flores, maximum efficiency is now reached 17.3 percent achieved by an American company while at laboratory world record is 16.5 percent achieved in a U.S. university, so the 14 percent achieved by the student sets a precedent.


Rios Flores, who thanks to this doctoral thesis optimization of solar cell efficiency CdTe / CdS obtained Arturo Rosenblatt Prize delivering Cinvestav stressed that its development has several advantages against the current. It is easily scalable cheaper than those currently on the market and is non-polluting because unlike other omits the use of a solution that harms the environment and is risky for whom driving.

She was supervised by researchers Juan Luis and Eduardo Chapa Muzio and hoped that this research transcends and achieve a connection with industry, why, the job is patent pending. He stressed that work with solar cells is very complicated, since there is no formula, as many physicists and chemists involved in each of the six layers forming the cell creation process.

Explained that these are there subjected to varying temperatures which can not be further controlled to create each semiconductor layer, treatments with polluting and dangerous than if managed replace (such as cadmium sulfide dichloride and cadmium) for gas required Freon, a substance that already employs a group of Italian researchers, but in the Cinvestav added other elements for best results.

Rios Flores noted that this type of alternative energy could be used not only in rural remote communities in which it introduced complex wiring the mains, but can also be useful in activities such as agriculture. “There are processes which require little energy and just append a panel of photovoltaic cells can move something as simple as a motor.”

In fact, he explained that there are dedicated to renewable energies that not only use panels, as most people associate companies, there are other materials that serve the same function and can be used for other applications such as water heating or cool air.

Rios Flores has worked for seven years developing this technology, first to make his mastery Cinvestav and now in the PhD. The next step is to seek funding certainly is the hard part.

A large investment is required to have a pilot plant, but ultimately do be very profitable,” therefore, her thesis advisor, scientist Juan Luis Chapa, an expert on the subject for more than 30 years ago, is focused looking for funding to put a pilot manufacturing plant, although in the laboratory of Cinvestav have a computer that allows them to have a production of a small panel of 10×10 cm.

For Cinvestav researcher, the use of renewable energy is an option to replace the use of oil, a source that is coming to an end, however a renewable energy such as solar is difficult to stop generating radiation. Considers that together (wind, solar, nuclear, etc..) Alternative energy could solve future demands that exist in the world.

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