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Scientists Create New Cooling Technology

New Cooling System

Increased energy efficiency and reduced air pollution are the main benefits of magnetic refrigeration based on solid materials against conventional operating through understanding and expansion of gas in cycles. This motivated scientists Potosi Institute of Scientific and Technological Research (IPICYT) metal alloys to generate highly efficient and low cost for the system saving up to one third of energy consumption.

The technology is based on the magneto caloric effect with intensity of some materials. Operates by applying a magnetic field to a solid (metal alloy) field which increases the temperature (on the contrary, if the field is removed the material cools). And precisely this is the cooling property that can be exploited for the progress of cooling systems for family and industrial use.

Add to the heat exchange with the refrigerant alloy is effected by utilizing a fluid which, when cool, is circulated through the refrigerator by removing heat (as occurs with conventional gas coolers. A further advantage is that when the refrigeration system concludes its helpful life, the material is detached and may be recycled.

Therefore it is said that is friendly to the environment observes researcher IPICYT adding that one of the problems with traditional technology is that at the end of the life of the refrigerator, or suffer a break, the gas escapes polluting the atmosphere and promoting the destruction of the ozone layer.

The research team headed by Dr. Sanchez Llamazares started working on this investigation since mid-2011 So far the project has already resulted in the production of various crystalline and nano crystalline resources for cooling.; in each case has applied for a patent.

The different magneto caloric materials produced IPICYT can be the basis for Mexican companies, engaged in manufacturing of domestic and industrial refrigerators create prototypes operating in different temperature ranges in the country and promote this new cooling technology.

It is expected that one of the main applications will be in massive cooling for the automotive industry given its growing development in Mexico, for the marketing of cooling systems for transportation can be significant national interest and technological impact. Last March, the U.S. multinational General Electric Company announced the development of marketable prototype magnetic refrigerators says the scientist.

In addition to the results of scientific and technological interest that has produced this project as well as high-level scientific publications, patent applications and presentations at international scientific conferences, highlights the training of human possessions in this area of ​​border. So far have graduated two teachers and a doctor of nano science and Materials in November 2014 and will do another doctor.

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