Climate Change Is The Reason For Extinction Of Mammoth

Climate Change Is The Reason For Extinction Of Mammoth
Jawbone of Fossilized Mammoth

A group of researchers has found evidence that the extinction of the mammoth of the tundra (Shaggy) could be due to climate change between the various stages of glaciation, according to research released today. The study, published in the journal “Proceedings of the Royal Society B” has been carried out by a group of scientists from the Natural History Museum of Sweden and contradicts some current theories that blame the disappearance of the woolly mammoth to a massive hunting by humans. Research also challenges the traditional view that the mammoths had a hardy species since according to Swedish scientists the animal began to extinction 20,000 years ago before what science believed to far.


It seems that mammoths were quite kind dynamically because some populations are extinct others were expanded and used to migrate very exciting that we are discovering everything” said study leader, Love Dalen, told the BBC. According to the test results the extinction of the mammoth began precisely when the planet was going through one of its most critical glacial periods (20,000 years ago), rather than 14,000 years ago as previously thought.

Scientists suggest that it was a time so cold that the grass that fed started scarce which initiated the extinction of the mammoth and later recovered because their pastures were replaced by large forests in the south and tundra in the north. The cause that led to the extinction of mammoths has been the subject of debate among scientists for years, and while many argue that they were humans who, through hunting caused the extinction of the animal, others opt for climate change as the main cause.

Nevertheless, the current findings support the theory that mammoths became extinct between different periods of glaciation, so that enhance the theory that blames climate change. Yet scientists Natural History Museum of Sweden also recognize that hunting may have contributed in some way. Population began to decline dramatically mammoths 10,000 years ago. Patterns show that the extinction was due to climate change: the role of humans in the disappearance of the mammoth has not been proven yet the scientist.

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