Among the rarities sector outermost planet of the solar system are medium-sized moons of Saturn, a half dozen icy bodies are tiny compared to Titan, the largest moon of Saturn.

According to a new model of the origin of the system of Saturn’s moons were created during collisions medium giants in which several large satellites merged to form Titan.

computer simulation to the saturnian system

The team of Erik Asphaug, professor of Earth and Planetary University of California, Santa Cruz, and Andreas Reufer of University of Bern in Switzerland, propose that the Saturn system began with a major satellite family comparable to four large moons of Jupiter (known as the Galilean moons and discovered by Galileo in 1610). The Galilean moons account for 99.998 percent of the mass of Jupiter’s satellite system. The other moons are tiny. Therefore, the gas giant has no moons medium, only has the big 4 and the collection of sensitive.

The new model could explain why they are so different system of Saturn and Jupiter.

The authors of the new study that has emerged this model believe that giant planets acquired their satellites similar to how the Sun got its planets, growing like miniature solar systems and ending with a final collision stage. In the proposed model to the Saturn system, Titan grew out of a pair of giant impacts, each combining the mass of bodies that collided with each other, which in turn created by way of excess debris, to satellites small.